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God has called us to pray and we are calling you to serve!Praying Hands

Do you find, with the hustle and bustle of every day life,that it is hard to find the time to answer God’s call to live a prayerful life?  Here is an opportunity to change that and serve God and your church at the same time.

The Prayer Committee is asking for Warriors to sign up to pray for the Holy Spirit to enter, bless, and surround our church during the Sunday morning service. While the congregation is worshiping, we ask that one person volunteer to enter the Prayer Room and devote that time exclusively to quiet prayer.  There will be a calendar posted and all you need to do is pick a Sunday and sign your name.  If you prefer to have a prayer partner, all the better!

You would exit the service just prior to the sermon, at the call for Childrens’ Church, go into the Prayer Room and pray that the message reaches those in need, touches those in pain, and opens the minds and hearts of those searching for the PEACE that knowing our Lord and Savior can bring.

Are you ready to join the ARMY OF GOD?

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