Leadership Team

This team is lead by the team leader elected from the members and is the guiding body of the church. This team will coordinate, plan, and lead Reisterstown Baptist Church forward in fulfilling the Great Commission to the Reisterstown Community.

The team is composed of the ministry and supporting team leaders plus members of the church staff. All teams coordinate thru the leadership team as well as thru the church.

Leadership team members are to keep the church, staff and deacons in the communication loop. Regular members of the leadership team shall be the pastor, other ministerial staff, and other staff as assigned by the pastor, ministry and supporting team leaders, and the chairman of deacons.

Each ministry team leader can bring to the leadership team any other team member to make presentations, discuss issues or disseminate information that the leadership team would need to know in order to take action.

This team is responsible for:

  • Recommending to the church suggested objectives and church goals.
  • Reviewing and coordinating ministry and program plans recommended by church officers, organizations, and teams.
  • Recommending to the church the use of leadership, calendar time, and other resources according to program priorities.
  • Evaluating achievements in terms of church objectives and goals.
  • Meeting monthly for the coordination, planning and monitoring of all ministries necessary for the spiritual and relational maturing of its members.
  • Giving updates on the direction the church is headed.