Personal  Responsibility

    It sometimes gets confusing, doesn’t it? We are saved by grace not by works. We can do nothing apart from God. We are a dependent, reliant, powerless almost helpless people and yet God’s word is full of calls to personal responsibility. Carry our own load, share the burdens of the struggling, love with all we have and sow the right stuff in the right amount in the right place are all personal calls. If we are to carefully examine our life, we will also discover that they are all personal calls we have failed to carry out at some point in our walk. So where are we to stand on these verses? Are they there to make us feel discouraged? Can we simply view them as impossible and move on with our life? Can we just ignore them and hope that next week’s verses are more applicable to our life?

    I don’t believe the word is ever to be ignored. Luke 6:46 makes  it hard to even consider that possibility. For me the key is not just in Jesus instructions but also in the way He was addressed, Lord, Lord. If Jesus truly is Lord of my life than my life has truly changed. My desires, my focus, my heart and my joy are all brand new. We truly have been born again. And just as in the first time things begin to change in our life that is visible to all around us. A newborn babe begins to roll over, crawl, stumble, walk and eventually run with sure and swift steps. The progress of that child is apparent to all. So to in our Christian walk should change be visible and apparent. If nothing changes in our life after our conversion than how can we know for certain we are converted. That is why I believe the challenge from 2Peter is the most important verse there. It speaks of the personal responsibility of examining our life and knowing that moment when we surrendered our will, confessed our sin and asked Jesus to be Lord of our Life. Dec. 23 1983, I asked Jesus to be Lord of all, Lord of Lords, my Lord. Since that time all things have become new. Slowly, sometimes painfully slowly the fruit of the spirit has developed in my life. Each of us needs to be able to see and say that simple truth. I heard a dear friend preach from Rev chapter 20 and was reminded again of the horror of that future judgment. It is a sobering moment to consider. If you have any doubt that your name is included in the Lambs book of life, resolve it today. Give me a call and we will resolve it together All the other calls to personal responsibility are important yet they are progressive. We will grow into them more and more as they remain our goals. This one is instant, eternal and permanent. I would be shirking my own responsibility if I didn’t lovingly ask you to examine yours. May God greatly bless you today,


                                             In His Service

                                                Pastor john rudd