Biblical truth on mentoring


       There are hundreds of verses on the subject of mentoring. As I tried to select just a few to allow us to consider this biblical mandate, I was reminded of the biblical truth that it is not good for man or women to be alone. As followers of Christ, we have the privilege and responsibility of showing those who come after what it means to be Christian. Men, women, young, old, all of us can help someone who comes after us to grow. This morning as I watched Reggie standing in line at the bus stop for the first day of school, I was blessed to see a boy of six speak to the 5 year old and say,” follow me I’ll show you the way". That is our mandate. To guide those who come after in the ways of the Lord. To invest some of our time into the life of someone else grows the kingdom, the individual and us. I think Satan tries to discourage this endeavor by pointing out all that we lack in wisdom, talent and righteousness. Don’t believe those lies. You will be amazed at how God can use your willingness to help someone else and if you are truly blessed you will find that you need some help in the process and therefore find yourself reaching out to someone yourself. Remember the goal as expressed in Corinthians. Simply to let someone know that if they want to be like Jesus they can walk with us and examine our life to see what that looks like in someone else’s life. Investing in someone else is a wonderful place to store up heavenly treasure. I pray your account is overflowing.


                                        In  His  Service

                                         Pastor John