Sunday: What kind of people are we?

                                        What kind of people are we?



             As I read and reread these scriptures, I am struck by the different perspectives.  We have hurting, troubled people in search of hope and healing. We have religious leaders on the path of judgment and we find Jesus ignoring the one to help the other. In the 2000 years since these events happened not much has changed. The world still consists of hurting, troubled people. The world still has more than enough religious types willing to judge them. But where in the world will we find people willing to take up the cross of Jesus and bring hope and help to the hurting. A favorite familiar hymn is “What a friend we have in Jesus”. To have a friend we must be a friend. Friends share the same goals and values. Friends after a season begin to see the same opportunities and walk the same paths. If I am truly to call myself a friend of Jesus than somehow my life must reflect His. I must be willing to reach out to lost and hurting people. I must have a sense of urgency knowing my days are numbered and the harvest is great. I must believe in the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If Jesus hadn’t been willing to eat with sinners, than He would have had to eat alone.


 All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. All of us were ship wrecked in need of God’s amazing grace. And each and every day all of us have the opportunity determine how we are to look at this world. If you have a few free moments add Rev 20:11-18 to your reading list. Think about that day. The grief and pain will be overwhelming. Standing on one side we will watch people flung into the abyss. Not all will be strangers. But I am hopeful that standing on the side of Christ will be some former hurting hopeless people that God placed in your path and than used your obedience to bring them to Christ. See sinners as He does, simply as pre-Christians in search of grace and mercy. I bet you can tell them where to find it.


                                                       In His Service

                                                         Pastor John