Saturday Week 11

                      Living  With An In Time


         Tick…  tock…tick…tock, have you ever wondered about time. I mean have you ever really stopped to ponder it. Is time a gift, a responsibility, a channel or a constant. Is it even a good use of time to ponder time? Does time lead to more than questions? Should time lead at all? I think for most of us, time is just another part of reality So rarely considered that it just fades into the background. But, if we consider time as a gift from God, a gift to be treasured, a gift to be used and certainly a gift not to be squandered, would that change our perspective?

      I think our perspective always changes our outlook. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, thought as a child, lived as a child, and so forth. But after the passage of time, I put away childish things. Maybe I need to grow up with regards to time. Maybe a sense of urgency needs to grow in each of us. Maybe we need to redeem each day for the one who has redeemed us. Maybe I need to change my to do list to a to done list. I thought about this after talking to Rev. Avery Penn, a lifelong friend of Pastor James Hinton’s. He told me of the day the doctor informed James that cancer would limit his life to 3 to 6 months. James smiled and pledged to do with the help of the Lord the best he could do in those next three months. That conversation took place almost 25 years ago. So for 25 years three months at a time, James kept that decision.

     On 100 occasions he renewed that vow to do the best he could with the help of the Lord. Maybe seeing a finish line helps one to remember the race. If that is so than each of us should be vowing to do our best three months at a time  with the help of the Lord. That simple vow helps us to face all the reality of time. It teaches us that it passes, it is measured, it is to be used with a sense of urgency and most of all that it teaches us that we will never successfully use it apart from the help of the Lord. I thank God for the gift of the time He allowed me to spend with Pastor Hinton. He taught me many wonderful lessons but perhaps this one is the one I will most cherish. To live with urgency, to live with kingdom goals to live like I was dying.

May God bless your day and may you use it as he intended.