A note of welcome from the Pastor

                Welcome to our website. We appreciate your interest in our ministry. Reisterstown Baptist Church was established a little more than 50 years ago when a small group came together with a vision for sharing the gospel and growing the kingdom in the community. That vision demanded courage and sacrifice. Previous efforts to launch churches in the area had failed. In order to gain the necessary funding 25 families had to risk their own homes as collateral for the project.  As always, God blessed their commitment and a gospel lighthouse was established. 

                Most of that generation has gone home now but the memory of their commitment continues. A new generation now seeks to honor both their conviction and the Lord and the Word, which inspired it.  Much has changed throughout the years but simple truths remain. One is that some may enter RBC with no knowledge of Jesus Christ and need the opportunity to discover what knowing Him as Lord and Savior will mean to them. Second, others may arrive knowing Him, they are looking for the opportunity to serve, worship, and continue to discover, develop and utilize their gifts and talents in the local church.  In either case consider yourself welcome.   

                We look forward to meeting you. We are continuing to build a body relevant to the needs and opportunities around us.  We believe that church is neither where we go nor what we do; we believe that the church is what we are. We covet your prayers in this endeavor and would be grateful for the opportunity to pray for you as well. May God bless your journey.

                In His Service,

                Pastor John Rudd